Imagine Abu Dhabi is one of the initiatives in the Government of Abu Dhabi’s Golden Jubilee campaign. The initiative’s main goal is to receive new ideas and development suggestions concerning the emirate of Abu Dhabi for a total of 50 days.

Share with us your vision for the future of Abu Dhabi

Whether it’s building infrastructure projects, offering investment opportunities, launching social initiatives and campaigns, or even the development of current government services in the Emirate, we welcome all ideas.

Selecting the best submissions click to view

After the end of the submission period, a committee of expertise will select the best 10 submissions after evaluating the following:

  1. Creativity and Originality
  2. Expected profit or outcome of the idea or suggestion
  3. The positive effects and results of applying the idea or suggestion
  4. The ease of applying the idea or suggestion, especially in relation to the availability of the resources needed
  5. The ability of the idea or suggestion to expand (if the suggestion was entrepreneurial)
  6. The alignment of the idea or suggestion with the Abu Dhabi Plan goals

Upon selecting the best submissions, we will work with the owners of the ideas and suggestions on producing the content for the event, and training them on presenting their winning submissions

Submission Conditions click to view

  • Submissions are open to all members of society, including residents, visitors and investors of Abu Dhabi
  • Applications should be complete with a coherent description of the idea or suggestion, and any relevant attachments that could further clarify the submission
  • Ideas and suggestions should be realistic and applicable anywhere in Abu Dhabi
  • Ideas and suggestions should not conflict with any governmental laws or regulations
  • The application of the ideas and suggestions should not have negative impacts on the environment, the economy, the security, or social wellbeing of the emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • The adherence to all the detailed rules and regulations as described here.

What happens after the 50 days are over? click to view

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