About the Competition

The Abu Dhabi Perfume is an exciting brand activation project that the Office of Government Communications is launching very soon. Join us in conceptualizing the bottle that will house a special scent reflecting the Abu Dhabi brand.

Contest Details:

  • The competition involves designing one or more bottles for the Abu Dhabi Perfume initiative
  • Designs must reflect Abu Dhabi brand elements or be inspired by any facet of the emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • The contest begins on October 15th and ends on November 1st
  • Sketches, renders or photos of the submissions must be sent to info@ourabudhabi.ae
  • The email must include the name, nationality, address of residence, phone number and email, as well as any description of the design process and inspiration
  • There are no limits to the number of entries per contestant

Winners and Prizes:

  • The winners of the design competition must agree and accept the rules and regulations of the competition and adhere to all rules
  • The top designs will have their artwork displayed in Abu Dhabi Art
  • One or more of the winners may have their design used in the production of the Abu Dhabi perfume bottle
  • Winners of the competition are eligible to prizes that include Etihad Airway tickets, Formula 1 tickets, as well as hotels and restaurant vouchers in Abu Dhabi

Rules and Regulations:

  • Free to enter for any designer who is a resident or citizen in the United Arab Emirates
  • The design can be using any medium including but not limited to glass, metal, wood, and so on
  • The design must adhere to all local and federal laws in relation to copyright, intellectual property rights, and any other laws or regulations that may apply
  • The Our Abu Dhabi team retains the right to delete, extend, enhance, or change any of the below rules and regulations without the prior notification of any participants. Please note that any changes will be reflected on the website ourabudhabi.ae and will be communicated through our various tools
  • All participations in the competition will be reviewed to ensure the compliance with all rules and regulations
  • All participants must adhere to the dates and deadlines of the competition
  • Participating in the competition means a confirmation that the participant read all rules and regulations prior to submitting any ideas or suggestions. Submissions are considered an official agreement to all rules and regulations
  • Any participation that is proven to infringe on copyright laws either through theft or plagiarism will be disqualified and the participant is susceptible to legal questioning
  • We maintain the right to publish and use the designs submitted at any point or phase for promotional purposes
  • We will take responsibility of producing the promotional content and creative presentations of the designs and we retain the rights to own these materials. Owners of the ideas do not have the right to object to the publication of any of these materials
  • To participate in the competition you must transfer all intellectual and copyright of your submission to ourabudhabi.ae, where the designs may be produced or published on the website or any media portal available now or in the future, including but not limited to phone applications, television, or radio. Participants agree to utilizing the submissions within the framework of the promotional activities of the Abu Dhabi government, including advertisements and paid content
  • To participate in the competition you must provide us with open, unconditional consent to copy, paste, publish, edit, transfer, enhance, translate, or reconfigure the submission and produce it as content that relates to the competition
  • We will not take any responsibility for any financial, emotional or other type of loss that comes as a result of participating in the initiative

Perfume descriptions

Abu Dhabi Perfume (66)

Step back in time to the scent of deeply revered traditions, with a blend of Oud and Arabian spices. The Abu Dhabi perfume (66) represents the remarkable history of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Perfume (16)

The Abu Dhabi Perfume (16) celebrates Abu Dhabi’s openness with a sweet blend of flowers, oranges, and vanilla beans, all of which reach Abu Dhabi’s markets from across the globe.

Abu Dhabi Perfume (94)

Abu Dhabi is made up of around 200 islands, their glittering waters and golden sands a part of our brand and essence. The Abu Dhabi Perfume (94) is a blend of citrus fruits and flowers that remind us of salty waters and sunny beaches.

Abu Dhabi Perfume (07)

Abu Dhabi’s values are deeply embedded in its unique identity and brand. Hospitality and generosity are reflected in the Abu Dhabi Perfume (07), as notes of coffee and dates transcend space and time to remind us of our Arabian roots.